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St. Augustine Photography


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About Me

Photography has always been my hobby. I suppose when I think of it, my first experience with taking pictures started when I was a young girl. I had received what was to become the best gift ever given to me, my little Brownie camera.

I can still remember popping up the viewer on top and shooting anything and everything that came into sight. Later, I was lucky enough to have received my fathers old Bell and Howell 35mm. To this day, I still think that camera took the best pictures.

My husband and I are fortunate enough to reside in what is probably the most beautiful city in the United States,
St. Augustine, Florida. After working for almost 30 years in the medical administrative field, I now dedicate my time to capturing the history that exists around us every day.

Of course when not going out with my camera in hand, we enjoy our other love, fishing. Members of St. Augustine Ancient City Game Fish Association, both my husband Jerry and I are avid anglers. Packing up our gear and heading out as the sun begins to break across the horizon, for some of the finest fishing in Florida.

sunrise on vilano; Actual size=180 pixels wide

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